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The symbol of freedom

Built in more than 650,000 copies during the Second World War by the company Willys and Ford. Its name "JEEP" is in fact a nickname given by American soldiers which is  declined from the initials GP which mean "General Purpose" or Multiple Roles in French. A fast and versatile vehicle, the JEEP will serve in many armies around the world after the Second World War and those until the 2000s.

Technical characteristics :

Unloaded weight: 1017 kg         Motor GoDevil               Max speed: 105 km/h

Length : 3.36 m                      Power: 60 ch                 Consumption: 15 l/100 km

Width : 1.58 m                        Cylinders: 4

Height : 1.77 m                       Displacement: 2.2 l


The restoration of our jeep

18 months of work were needed to restore our jeep. After having completely dismantled it, the chassis, the bodywork and all the parts were sandblasted and then repainted. The mechanics have also been reviewed (brakes, clutch, electricity…). 

Finally the jeep received the markings of the 29th US division as well as its on-board kit (shovel, axe, etc.)   which was present in 1944.

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