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Jeep Willys


Dodge WC51

3 parcours

Licence VTC


Relive the story


Board historic vehicles for an excursion to the Normandy landing sites


JEEP N DODGE EXPERIENCE offers you to live a unique experience during a ride aboard our historic Normandy landing vehicles. Let yourself be transported in the footsteps of the allies in the heart   of small bocage paths, Norman villages or along the famous beaches of Omaha Beach and Gold Beach. The characteristic noise and smell of the vehicles will surely take you back in time.

JEEP N DODGE EXPERIENCE is a family business created by two brothers passionate about the history of the landing. Collection vehicles are registered in the VTC register and pass the technical inspection every year in order to guarantee the safety of passengers. The drivers are all   holders of the VTC license. 




Capacity: 3 people

Emblematic vehicle of the liberation of Normandy, the JEEP, with its characteristic noise will take you back in time. Built in more than 600,000 copies by Willys and Ford, the JEEP will be used for a long time in the armies but also in civilian life, especially on farms.



Our jeep is a Hotchkiss M201 from 1960. After the Second World War, the Hotchkiss company bought the Willys patents to continue manufacturing the jeep identically. Ours served in the French army as a "radio" vehicle. In order to offer him a new career, our jeep was completely restored in 2021. We gave him the "American look"  and affixed the markings of the 29th US Division which in June 44 released the surrounding villages.



Capacity: 5 people

The "Dodge Weapons Carrier 51" was born in 1942. Built until the end of 1945 in more than 250,000 units, the Dodge WC 51 was used to transport troops and armaments.

Our Dodge was built March 21, 1944 in Detroit (USA) and took part in the Normandy landings. He then served after the war  as a fire vehicle with the firefighters before a well-deserved retirement. Now almost 80 years old, he will take you to the sites where he landed in 1944.

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