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The do-it-all vehicle

Produced in the USA from 1942 by the company DODGE, the  Weapons Carrier was very present during the Battle of Normandy because it was adapted to the difficult terrain of the bocage. Robust and reliable, they were used both to transport ammunition (hence the name "Weapons Carrier") and men thanks to the wooden seats.  The DODGE WC 51/52 was available in several versions (WC 54 ambulance, WC 56/57 command vehicle, WC 58 transmission vehicle) and even extended in 6-wheel drive (WC 61/62) to increase its load capacity

Technical characteristics :

Unloaded weight : 2380 kg           Motor Dodge T214           Max speed : 85 km/h

Length : 4.24 m                          Power : 92 ch                 Consumption: 30 l/100 km

Width : 2.10 m                            Cylinders: 6

Height : 2.08 m                 

The restoration of our dodge

In order to make our DODGE fit for service, we redid the entire braking system and added turn signals for more safety. Finally the DODGE received its on-board lot as in 1944.

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